As a proud agency member of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators (AAPI), Recon Investigations Inc. wholeheartedly supports the organization’s mission to provide quality, professional PI services within the framework of Alberta’s Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA).

At all times Recon Investigations Inc. staff will conduct themselves as responsible professionals and investigative leaders by conducting due diligence in:

  • Adhering to the law
  • Complying with confidentiality and privacy policies
  • Making certain that all persons hired to assist in an investigation possess a viable criminal record check, adhere to the law, our Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy.
  • Verifying the identity of a client and determining that that the client has a lawful purpose to retain and instruct the investigator


When hired to locate an individual (termed “locate” or “subject”) for personal reasons, Recon Investigations Inc. policy ensures the right to Personal Privacy, thus ensuring the safety and privacy of all parties. In cases of non-litigation locates, Recon Investigations Inc. will establish first contact with the locate and attempt to secure their informed consent to share their personal information with the client.  As it is the locate’s right to  maintain the privacy of their information, in such a case Recon Investigations Inc. will honor their right by not sharing their information with the client.


The 10 Privacy Principles of  Alberta’s Privacy of Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), are also known as the 10 Fair Information Principles, which come from a national standard called the Canadian Standards Association’s CSA Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information CSA Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.

Recon Investigations Inc. adheres to a Code of Privacy that complies with this national standard as to its ten base principles that follow:


Recon Investigations Inc. will be responsible for personal information under our control. Our designated Privacy Officer, Ben Karmel, is responsible for ensuring our organization’s compliance with privacy according to these principles. All privacy compliance/information management queries/concerns should be directed to him at:


Suite 307,   440-10816 Macleod Tr. S.,   T2J 5N8,     403 690 9195

From the date of inquiry, responses will be provided within thirty days.

Identify Purposes

At or before the time of information collection, Recon Investigations Inc. will identify the purpose for collecting personal information on subjects. We will ensure that all client assignments are compliant with PIPEDA.


Beyond where the law provides an exception, Recon Investigations Inc. will secure consent from individuals in the collection, use or disclosure of their personal information. As PIPEDA acknowledges that in most cases, especially involving illegalities or agreement breach, acquiring the consent of individuals defeats the purpose of an investigation. When collecting, applying and sharing personal information without consent, Recon Investigations Inc. employees will conduct themselves in accordance with Section 7 of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, S.C. 2000, c.5 (PIPEDA) or under other lawful means.

Limiting Collection

At Recon Investigations Inc. all investigators will ensure that the collection of personal information shall be limited to necessary identified purposes and conducted by fair and lawful means.

Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention

Recon Investigations Inc. will limit and restrict the use and disclosure of personal information to  the original collection purposes, except with the consent of the individual or as stipulated by law.
Information will only be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill those purposes.


Recon Investigations Inc. will strive to ensure that the personal information collected for its intended purpose is accurate, complete and up-to-date.


Recon Investigations Inc. will implement effective security safeguards, including all necessary physical and technology security measures that correspond appropriately to the sensitivity level of all personal information stored manually or electronically under our control.


Recon Investigations Inc. will make readily available to individuals specific information about policies and practices relating to the management of personal information. On our website we will share knowledge about our company, our Code of Ethics, and our Code of Privacy.

Individual Access

Upon request, an individual will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her personal information that is under our control. They may be given access to and be permitted to challenge the accuracy and the completeness of that information.

Where lawful exceptions exist that prevent us from providing such access, this may be communicated to the individual as appropriate where access to the information is denied.

Challenging Compliance

An individual may address a challenge concerning compliance with the above principles procedures to our Privacy Officer.