Calgary Private Investigations

Recon Investigations Inc. presents a variety of general investigative solutions for our diverse client base including individuals, small business, corporations and retail establishments.

Following an in-depth consultation, we will construct a comprehensive, written investigation plan tailored to individual client needs ensuring confidentiality, privacy of personal information and an inconspicuous environment.

Where necessary, surveillance plans and/or undercover activities will play significant roles and be incorporated within the overall investigation plan. All will be applied by tried and true techniques and skills for acquiring valuable information about individuals, organizations and businesses.

Locating People

As a first step in tracking missing persons, Recon Investigations Inc. differentiates between the classifications of missing by considering intentional or unintentional, child or adult, and then plan our approaches accordingly.

While the unintentional “missing” person is usually not hiding and unaware of the search, the intentional missing individual is determined to remain “off the grid”.

As child vulnerability causes swift police response, there is an imbalance in means of support and protection between missing adults and missing children. Unfortunately, many missing children remain at risk for several reasons. They are taken by individuals known to them (non custodial parents, caretakers) and the unassuming public, confident that the child is with relatives/caretakers, adds to the child’s risk.

Background Investigations

What do marriage and employment have in common?

Recon Investigations Inc. provides clients with Proactive Peace of Mind Investigative Solutions before sealing long term deals by contract through:

  •    Pre-marital screening
  •    Pre-employment screening and resume verification

Process Serving

“Off the grid” or on, at Recon Investigations Inc. we do not quit until we locate the “missing” person(s) needing formal service of legal documents.

Whether special projects requiring multiple legal services in a timely fashion or a single service, law offices can rest assured that we will apply all of our techniques and resources for swift success.

  • Locate individuals to be formally served with legal documents using all investigative resources
  • Verify their identification
  • File an affidavit of verification

Surveillance Investigations

A key feature of investigative solutions provided by Recon Investigations Inc. includes the application of quality surveillance services customized to the scope, nature and conditions of each case.

As investigations relate to human nature, habits and behavior, no two cases are identical.

At Recon Investigations Inc., we acknowledge the need to differentiate and craft a case specific surveillance plan compatible to its unique environment and incorporate it within the sequenced order of steps of the written investigative plan.

Classic examples for surveillance services and our ethical guidelines include but are not limited to :

  • Domestic/Infidelity: verifying concerns about spousal infidelity without entrapment
  • Employee Integrity:  verification of employee work ethics
  • Accident/Insurance Fraud/Workers Compensation: Recon Investigations Inc brings fresh eyes to the scene when gathering evidence to verify or dismiss fraudulent behavior concerns involving accidents, workers compensation and insurance claims.

There are no limits to our creative investigative solutions!

Undercover Operations

Our specialty is seamless blending within diverse and challenging investigative environments.

Recon Investigations Inc. will conduct high quality undercover operations where circumstances are assessed:

a) As requiring evidence gathering solutions in addition to and/or beyond classical surveillance

b) As demonstrating amenable case environment conditions for undercover opportunities.

Undercover operations are often times contracted by business owners to investigate loss prevention, employee theft, fraud, and staff conduct.

Loss Prevention Clients:

Often organizations such as retail establishments complain of significant losses in terms of funds or merchandise. Sometimes they suspect employee theft or retail fraud. Recon Investigations Inc. will identify the source of loss and the method(s), provide solutions to prevent on-going loss and apprehend the offenders.

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